Stopping Data Exfiltration Prior to Export

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Seth Adler

To be truly customer centric in 2021, organisations need to build a strong foundation of customer trust, first. That starts with how you treat your customer data. Can you guarantee you have the right security controls in place? Do you have the right people accessing it? Are you confident you're compliant with local laws?

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In order to meet the needs of specific applications and industry segments, an additional layer of trust is needed which provides comprehensive protection, monitoring, and long term retention of change history for your critical data.

View this demo and gain answers to questions such as:

  • Security:
    • How can I stop Data Loss from my system?
    • Who is viewing sensitive data?
    • Are users doing gratuitous searches in the customer database?
    • When do our users log in and where do our users log in from?
    • When are users running reports in an anomalous fashion compared to their “normal” usage patterns?
  • Adoption:
    • How can I find out what my users are doing?
    • How do they use mobile devices to access apps?
    • What pages and sites are used most?
  • Performance:
    • What is “normal” when it comes to page loads running the application?
    • Are these runtimes are out of tolerance?
    • How can I ensure we are getting the best use out of the platform?
    • How long do my custom applications take to load?
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