How To Attain Cloud Visibility, Detection & Remediation

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Seth Adler

The Protecting Cloud Infrastructure Against Excessive Permissions whitepaper showcases myriad of key takeaways on how best to addresses the challenges associated with cloud evolution. This Demo goes one step further and takes you through How To Attain Cloud Visibility, Detection & Remediation.

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Radware's Eyal Ayazi highlights the fact that a key challenge through cloud migration is how to actually secure the cloud environment. Of course hosting resources in the cloud is completely different thn hosting those same resources on-prem:

  • Different Techniques
  • Different Threat Surfaces
  • Different Attack Vectors

Thus organizations need to have cloud-specific tools to secure and fortify this ever-changing environment.

The demo showcases one-click visibility over multiple cloud environments. Watch the video and see:

  • A high-level view of exposed assets, excessive permissions, compliance violations and more
  • A granular view of accounts and inventory of assets within those accounts
  • A straightforward risk prioritized view of potential remediation actions

The demo also showcases a robust one-click compliance engine. Watch the video and see:

  • Built-in supported compliance reports for common regulations
  • An allowance for customer governance reports
  • Straightforward 'high-level bottom-line' of compliance activity with associated threat scoring 

The demo also showcases permission hardening or account governance. Watch the video and see:

  • How to not lose security when gaining agility and flexibility 
  • How to detect and eliminate execessive permissions through threat scoring 
  • Granular details of each account and actions to take

Finally, the demo showcases protection against cyber attacks in the cloud. Watch the video and see:

  • The custom robust detection and correlation engine which detects attacks and suspicious activity but also correlates individual events across time into unified, step-by-step story lines.
  • A use case of how the detection and correlation works
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