Cross-Industry Lessons Learned In IoT Industrial Network Cyber Security

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Seth Adler

As discussed in CISO Strategies for Incident Response, the cloud has expanded the perimeter exponentially. As the perimeter is now infinite, data and the user take the focus of security from old HQ endpoints. But that infinite perimeter also brings in new endpoints- IoT devices- further complicating matters. If everything from a human to a vending machine is technology that can be attacked, the posture of the enterprise has to adapt. 

Mohamad Mahjoub knows this all to well. As the CISO, Middle East for Industrial player Veolia, he joined us to discuss IoT & Industrial Network Cyber Security at the CSHub EMEA Summit.

Mohamad discussed key points:

  • Establishing a baseline understanding of historical industrial networks 
  • Overcoming inherent challenges in operational technology
  • Converging industrial and enterprise networks and grappling with a heterogeneous environment
  • Managing vulnerabilities, protocols, standards, compliance and marrying advanced analytics with predictive maintenance 
  • Ensuring continuity with traditional CISO job functions 

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