SASE: Meeting On-Prem Security Standards For A Distributed Workforce

The most important enterprise data now lives in the cloud and must be protected

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Seth Adler

Cloud migration and cloud evolution has put pressure on the way networks are built. The most important enterprise data now lives in the cloud. Users are no longer inside the perimeter, instead connecting via the cloud from a variety of locations. Hence, network transformation projects abound. 

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The Problem

The existing security approach of having the majority of the security stack on-prem with some added cloud support is no longer viable. But total cloud migration comes without the same level of protection for users and data that are now located ‘everywhere’.

The Solution

Providing universal protection consistent with best-in-class on-prem security standards for users and data no matter where they reside. That mission is accomplished in this demo.

Watch the Demo for Benefits Including

  • A simplified user experience and a reduction in operational complexity
  • Dependable, reliable, consistent, universal security
  • Stack operation centrally managed in the cloud with holistic controls in place
  • Engaging a secure access service edge (SASE) model
  • Attaining Zero Trust elements for your enterprise
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