Reducing Vulnerabilities by Aligning Developers and Operations with Security

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Seth Adler

To ensure code is delivered securely and on pace with the speed of the business, developments teams are carrying an additional responsibility of securing their code prior to it being pushed production.

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The remit of scanning code throughout the development lifecycles comes with the additional need to be able to interpret and act on the vulnerabilities found in order to maintain velocity and deliver on time. To do this successfully, developers need the foundational application security training, along with the support of the security teams to streamline this process, with the ultimate goal of minimize

In this demo, we explore how Playtech, the world's largest online gambling software supplier uses Checkmarx Codebashing to train their development teams to code more securely. 

This demo showcases:

  • Engaging with in-depth lesson content while providing security teams and management the visibility into the progress of application security training programs for development teams
  • Quickly providing evidence of completion of training to internal compliance teams and third-party auditors
  • Attributing reductions in vulnerabilities (25-30%) in their developer’s code and in increase in developer confidence
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