Cloud Security Market Report: Exploring The Right Enterprise Strategy

Better understanding of the technology and vulnerabilities for increased protection

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Jeff Orr

Cloud Security Market Report: Exploring The Right Enterprise Strategy

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More and more enterprises are migrating to the cloud, taking their data and applications – or parts of them – to this computing platform. There are a number of cloud computing setups – from public and private to multi and hybrid. The amount of variations coupled with the abundance of cloud use throughout the enterprise, leaves a level of complexity for IT departments to monitor cloud services, while keeping them secure. This imperative was further emphasized in our mid-year Cyber Security Market Snapshot, which showed cloud topping the list of enterprise cyber threat concerns.

As the technology continues to evolve, so too should the strategies CISOs and enterprises develop in order to remain secure. This report examines the ins and outs of today’s hybrid cloud setups so enterprises can better understand the technology and vulnerabilities, in order to develop the right cloud security strategy to fit their needs. The report highlights:

  • How variations of cloud computing infrastructure bring complexity to the enterprise
  • The industry view on cloud security
  • Finding the right cloud security strategy for your industry and organization
  • What to consider around cloud contracts
  • Creating new opportunities with the future of cloud security

Read the full report "," to see how your enterprise can benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of cloud computing through proper risk management planning and without compromising your critical infrastructure security program.