A Guide To Protecting The End User

A people-centric approach to managing cyber security vulnerability, attacks and privilege

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Enterprises are spending more than ever on cyber security solutions and services and are getting less value from it as cyber attacks are still getting through multiple lines of defense and sensitive information keeps falling into the wrong hands (as demonstrated by the data breaches that keep making headlines).

While traditional cyber security models were built for an earlier era — when the prevailing security model was to lock down the perimeter and deal with threats after they got through — the adversary now is constantly growing and evolving requiring organizations to keep up. It’s time for a fundamental rethink.

This guide, “Protecting The End User”, explores how you can focus your strategy on protecting people rather than the old perimeter by outlining the foundational elements of security in the modern era, including:

  • How to assess users’ risk by weighing their vulnerability, attacks and account privileges.
  • A real-life account of a cloud account compromise that netted millions for attackers – with no malware needed.  
  • How to mitigate end-user risks through a blueprint for people-centric protection.

Read the full report to gain what you’ll need for better enterprise protection starting with people — to reduce vulnerability, stop targeted threats and better manage privileged access.


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