Top 5 Q3 Stories Involve T-Mobile, CCPA, Budgets & More

CSHub Reviews Top Articles From Summer 2018

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Dan Gunderman

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Thus far, 2018 has been an insightful year for cyber security practitioners, with its share of challenges. These professionals have continued to rein in network connectivity, they've begun adopting “Zero Trust” and they vie to retain top talent, often with limited resources.

It is certainly a challenge that these professionals are cut out for, with the tenacity to stare down industry concerns and customize their security controls accordingly.

Outside of a game of catch-up with today’s threat actors, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and the like have also been exposed to news cycles packed with doomsday-like security prognoses, and an influx of vendors touting industry buzzwords. Being a top practitioner today is about prioritizing, understanding risk and keeping lines of communication open – to members of the team, management, regulators, etc.

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Of further assistance is a helpful look at the headlines that have dominated the space in the past three months, garnering interest and prompting research/discussion. In that spirit, here are our Top 5 stories from Q3 (click on each headline to view the full story):

Incident Of The Week: T-Mobile Data Breach Impacts 2M Customers

We looked at a pervasive data breach at the carrier T-Mobile, which affected approximately 2 million customers. The company responded quickly and notified affected consumers.

Incident Of The Week: Cosco Shipping Faces Ransomware Attack

An edition of "IOTW" described a cyber-attack on the American region of China’s state-run shipping company, Cosco Shipping Holdings, Co. The shipping giant was reportedly hit with a ransomware event on July 24.

California’s New Data Privacy Law Rivals EU’s GDPR

Since GDPR rollout, data privacy has been top of mind. A part of that sentiment has carried over to the U.S. with the passing of California's Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Budgetary Foresight: 3 Essential Cyber Security Programs For 2019

Be ready for 2019 budgetary questions and planning by starting early and investigating essential cyber security technologies, instead of a panicked, late-night whirlwind of RFPs and industry reports. Here's a three-part system.

Here’s Why The Board Must Be Present In Cyber Strategy

Cyber security cuts through nearly every fiber of the business, from the dynamic security team to the employee base and straight up the corporate ladder. Here's why management must be involved.

These stories, ranging from a mobile carrier breach to California’s data privacy legislation and board-level cyber involvement, both illustrate the importance of today’s network controls and help visualize cyber security’s sheer size and scope.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this “Top 5” piece. Be sure to continue visiting for the latest industry coverage!

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