CSHub To Host 2nd Online Summit For Today’s Security Practitioners

Digital Event Will Bring Together Industry Leaders

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Dan Gunderman

Digital Summit

This November, the Cyber Security Hub will host its second Digital Summit, featuring cutting-edge security content from industry leaders. The two-day event is set for Nov. 13-14, 2018 and is 100% online with registration ongoing.

The event will feature daily webinars from leading end-users, touching upon themes of paramount importance, including: third-party risk management (featured speaker Randall Frietzsche, CISO and Privacy Officer, Denver Health), AI and automation (speaker Lisa Tutte, CISO, SPX Corporation), incident response, behavioral and data analytics, the “talent war,” mobile devices and the Internet of Things (“IoT,” with speaker Jorgen Hjort, Master Security Specialist, Sony Mobile Communication) and identity and access management (IAM).

Perhaps the most promising feature: the complimentary event is online, allowing you to attend virtually – for independent or team viewing. The November event is an important industry staple, as it unites cyber security professionals and thought leaders from around the world. They’ll gather for the sessions and leave with practical business tips, insider information on top challenges and distinct concepts to combat today’s threats. Event features also include: live polling and Q&As, allowing for interaction with session speakers.

Fresh off of its inaugural summit in May, the Cyber Security Hub editorial and production staff is delighted to spearhead this upcoming event. And why is it so important at this time?

‘Dynamic Space’

For one, high-tech artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics and autonomous solutions mean that our arsenal is full when facing new threats. Yet, many of these tools can be leveraged by threat actors to assault the enterprise. So harnessing and understanding these cutting-edge technologies is vital to survival in the dynamic space.

Luckily, summit speakers will be touching upon burgeoning cyber areas, from IAM to the privileged threat and a “game” of resources.

The Digital Summit speaker lineup covers every aspect of the space, too, with more leaders joining weekly! This enables you to build a 360-degree plan for your specific enterprise.

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By the end of the event, you will have gleaned information on other vital areas, too, such as: enterprise mobility, phishing and advances in user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA), a crucial domain that allows CISOs and the like to track activity and monitor for anomalies.

What’s more, for the first time, the event will be looking to solve the problem of where to access your next cyber security talent. The summit will help explore practical resources for training, workforce development and ingraining a cyber security mindset within your employees.

Workable Solutions

While we’ve touched upon main “themes” of the two-day affair, there’s also more useful information in store, namely:

  • How can you make your supply chain more cyber-aware?
  • How does one gauge effectiveness and pinpoint implementation time/cost for leading solutions?
  • And, what is the state of real-time pattern detection?
  • Are enterprises behind the curve when it comes to cyber awareness?
  • And how do you retain top talent once they’re in place?
  • Finally, what are some ways the enterprise security operation can be both “agile” and “mobile”?

You’ll have to find out this November. Registration is easy, so mark your calendars now! You’ll have access to the content from the comfort of your desk. Technology providers will also be prepared to network with you, today’s defender.

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What You Need To Know

You’ll know this session is right for you if: You’re an executive who wants to hear from and engage with peers on pain points and challenges. You’re an attendee of an IQPC cyber security event or a professional who wants to attend both in-person and virtual sessions. Or, you’re an executive based outside of the U.S. who wants to learn about U.S. market case studies.

If you have questions, be sure to email JodiL@cshub.com.

That said, are you ready for an industry-leading summit conducive to networking, thought leadership and discourse on progress in the space? If so, the Digital Summit is the right fit, and you can register by clicking here.

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