Preparing Security Leaders For 2020 At The 13th CISO Exchange

Invite-only Forum Addresses Growing Threat Landscape And Attack Sophistication

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Jeff Orr

CISO Exchange

No environment will ever become 100% secure. The enterprise landscape remains vulnerable to a variety of physical and cyber threats. Attack surfaces are growing exponentially while the threat from sophisticated cyber-criminals, nation states, and insiders persist. The stakes will get more significant as we rely upon technology that is susceptible to creative and devastating cyber-attacks.

The situation can feel overwhelming at times, but rest assured that you’re not alone in this challenge. One way to learn from your peers and keep up on cyber trends is to attend an Exchange event.

Why Attend An Exchange Event?

The primary reason to attend one of our Exchange events is for the educational opportunities. Industry leaders share their experiences and provide actionable insight that you can take back to your organization. The second reason to attend is to network with your peers. Regardless of the industry served and your organization’s location, others are experiencing the same challenges. A third reason to attend an Exchange event is that you get to position yourself as a thought leader amongst like-minded professionals. And the final reason to attend is to have fun!

Why Attend The 13th CISO Exchange This December?

This December, security leaders and risk executives will gather for the 13th CISO Exchange in Tampa, Florida to learn about the latest trends, network with peers and share experiences. The three-day forum has attracted more than 700 security leaders and risk executives from global organizations.

Sessions are organized to give perspective from a variety of industry sectors. Four themes attendees will hear about are:

  • Building value for cyber security during digital transformation
  • Reliable CISO frameworks for success
  • The evolving role of the CISO
  • Threat landscape insights

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Building Value For Cyber Security During Digital Transformation

Any time that an organization is undergoing change is the perfect opportunity to develop strategies that deliver incremental value. The process of digital transformation is a timely example for security leaders to strengthen stakeholder relationships within the organization, implement security awareness training and align thought leadership with tangible business values.

Reliable CISO Frameworks For Success

A successful security leader must acquire and utilize skills beyond cyber technologies. The greatest, and perhaps most valuable, skill today is an understanding of the organization’s business model and operating objectives. In turn, the security leader will be able to assess, prioritize, manage and communicate vulnerabilities in terms aligned with the business objectives. Beyond the organization, security leaders may be required to identify and mitigate risks associated with third-party relationships. Developing security frameworks enables organizations to restructure risk management to achieve strategic objectives and supply chain resilience.

The Evolving Role Of The CISO

Many security leaders have been in their roles for 10+ years. Some transitioned from IS and IT roles before that. Is your organization prepared for the next generation of cyber security workers? CISO Exchange explores how to successfully motivate and retain a security team. Diversity and inclusion are also important topics when planning for new security leaders. This CISO Exchange features an all-female panel discussing ways to encourage diversity in the workforce, diversity in stakeholders, and ways to promote careers in the security field.

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Threat Landscape Insights

There are no shortage of tools and software platforms to help organizations manage threats and security incidents. Yet it is not enough to match responses to current threats. Security leaders must prepare for the unknown cyber-attacker and an ambiguous threat landscape. CISO Exchange presents results from the FBI’s exploration of business vulnerabilities in addition to market statistics and best practices for responding to ransomware attacks. Looking ahead, the event delivers tactics for protecting valuable employees from “whaling”, using authentication to improve user experience and what attacks on cognitive systems look like.

CISO Exchange Delivers Continuous Learning

In addition to providing the latest thought leadership and best practices for enterprise cyber security, CISO Exchange offers continuous learning opportunities to further your career. Approved and endorsed by (ISC)2, CISO Exchange attendees receive continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

Learn more about the 13th CISO Exchange including the full agenda, speakers and takeaways for your organization’s cyber security strategy.

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