Cyber Security Digital Summit: A 101 Guide to Security Automation

The Search For Efficiency In A Complex Cyber World

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Jeff Orr

Cyber Automation

The technology landscape for cyber security is very complicated with many vendors addressing different aspects of the enterprise security program. The need for organizations to overcome this complexity was discussed at the Cyber Security Digital Summit by Firemon VP of Technology Alliances Tim Woods.

An example of complexity is witnessed in hybrid cloud security, which is quickly outgrowing the capabilities of enterprise security teams.

Security Change Challenges

One of the by-products of complexity outpacing the security team is the frequency of human errors and misconfigurations.

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Firemon customer feedback found 83% of all unplanned network outages are caused by mistakes made during an approved change. And 70% of those unplanned outages were caused by mistakes made on firewalls. Outages from breaches 3x the cost of a non-breach based outage, however, a change-based outage is 97% more likely. Change freezes are mandatory to eliminate manual and unnecessary changes that can contribute to network outages.

The complexity gap continues to expand with no end in sight. Complexity is increasing both the enterprise expense and risk associated with securing the organization.

Automating enterprise security can be summed up in one word: Efficiency. The efficiency could be derived in operational metrics, integrated security or next-generation transformation.

To have a successful security program in DevOps and achieve that efficiency, there has to be cultural support from the organization, said Firemon VP Tim Woods.

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This Digital Summit session:

  • Highlights 9 benefits of automation
  • Describes the 3 primary triggers for security policy changes
  • Details the most effective security events to automate
  • Answers what departments need to be involved in collaboration for security automation
  • Addresses what mistakes should be avoided when looking at automating security

If your organization is dealing with too many manual change processes, which burden an overworked staff, this Cyber Security Digital Summit session is a must-attend for you. You’ll learn how to use security automation to reduce the opportunities for mistakes and misconfigurations by taking the drudge work off your staff and fast-tracking traditional SecOps.

Get the details first-hand by attending this on-demand Cyber Security Digital Summit session: 101 Guide To Security Automation

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