Building A Successful Business Requires Revamping Your Asset Management Security Strategy

Myriad Of Security Solutions Adding Pressure To InfoSec Personnel

Jeff Orr

Asset Tracking

Enterprises must manage more devices than ever before. And the number and types of devices that companies are responsible for continues to grow due to adoption of mobile and IoT endpoints. Cyber Security Hub hosted a webinar with executives from Axonius to examine the challenge with modern asset management and the role of enterprise security in getting ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

With the growth in endpoints, organizations will also increase the number of solutions necessary to procure to manage incremental device types. In our Enterprise Cyber Security Trends And Predictions 2020 market assessment, 61% of respondents say they will see information security spending increase in the year ahead. It is not uncommon for enterprise organizations to have dozens of security solutions in their environments.

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The increased number of security solutions required to manage growing device requirements also means increased pressures on existing resources. With the number and complexity of information security projects to tackle, companies simply don’t have the personnel to dedicate to managing all of these security solutions.

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The Axonius team mined its customer data to identify the five most-common asset management challenges and proceeded to articulate the organization’s challenge and tactics available to tackle the scenario. There is a consistent framework to do cyber security asset management well and this resulted in a 6-step checklist for successful asset management.

Additional questions addressed in this webcast:

  • What are the top 5 asset management challenges faced by enterprise security today?
  • How to use a 6-step checklist for successful asset management
  • What are the characteristics of companies that do asset management best?
  • The best sources for data to perform asset management
  • How to position asset management amongst the myriad of cyber security projects and priorities

View the webinar now.

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