Avoiding Information Overload While Securing Thousands Of New Enterprise Assets

Aggregating Disparate Datasets, Real-Time Visibility And Emerging Tech Lead Challenges

Jeff Orr

Securing Assets

Security professionals face several challenges today when it comes to enterprise cyber security asset management from aggregating disparate data sets or establishing real-time visibility in a fluid environment. Emerging technology, such as IoT deployments, only complicate this situation further.

In this Cyber Security Digital Summit session, Axonius CMO Nathan Burke discussed these challenges and the fundamentals that security teams can put into place so the assets do not outgrow the capability of the organization to manage them.

Most attendees shared that they do not know the number of assets being managed within their organization. This is no surprise as the figure grows quite rapidly along with the organization. Hundreds become thousands and thousands become tens of thousands.

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The number of unique data security solutions that exist in an organization will also vary. The informal poll held during this Digital Summit session found that 65% of attendees had 10 or fewer unique data security solutions in their organization while 35% had 11 or more. The greater number of security solutions that must be managed can increase risk for the organization as it requires additional personnel to have them operating at an optimal level.

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In the world of cyber security, asset management has taken a back seat to security optimization topics like threat hunting, deception and automation. But the foundational challenges of understanding what devices, users and cloud instances are in enterprise environments have jumped to the top of CISOs priority lists. The Cyber Security Digital Summit session looked at the challenges around making sure all assets comply with security policies. The session also addresses:

  • How to get a complete asset inventory using the tools companies are already using
  • How to uncover security solution coverage gaps
  • How to automate policy validation and enforcement
  • How modern asset management is evolving in 2020
  • Which particular types of organizations are the most progressive with asset management
  • How organizations can avoid information overload while on-boarding new assets
  • Trends associated with cloud and vulnerability management impacting the value of asset management

Watch this Cyber Security Digital Summit session on-demand now.

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