Practitioner Report On Cyber Security Challenges, Focuses And Spend

Cyber Security Mid-Year Report

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Seth Adler

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There are potentially alarming responses to our global pandemic related questions in our Mid-Year Report. All respondents completed the survey between May 17th and June 8th. Most migration to remote work happened in the last two weeks of March. That means that all respondents were defending the enterprise with a remote workforce for at least six weeks when they completed the survey.

2 in 5 have not changed approach

When asked “Has your approach to security changed as a result of the global pandemic and an increasingly remote
workforce?” 39.89% said no.

This same metric is true for respondent's approach to talent- with 40% saying they'll maintian current behaviors and activities. This is one of the solid reasons that good talent is in flight.

Budgets Have Been Inverted

Our half-year survey's have recently been showing steadily growing budgets. Not the case any longer as nearly 70% say budgets are flat or down. And over 60% see that reality continuing for the next six months.

Remote Work Spikes Endpoint Security Investment

An absolute result of the workforce shift- endpoint security went from the fifth highest to the second highest spend in the past six months.

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