Survey: Security Tops List Of Aerospace And Defense Developer Concerns

Increased Cyber-Attacks Put Developers Outside Comfort Zone

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Developer Concerns

Software has become more and more essential to aerospace and defense development. And teams building that software have plenty to be concerned about.

In a recent survey of more than 300 developers, the top concern cited by aerospace and defense developers is security. Security bested quality, productivity and even safety for this title.

These concerns echo the general sentiment of nearly every industry sector. And for no other reason than the increased volume of cyber-attacks against organizations. According to a Netscout study, the number of cyber-attacks against passenger air travel has increased by more than 15,000% between 2017 and 2018.

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Amongst defense and aerospace developers, the biggest security concern is unauthorized access to onboard/offboard systems. While using the right tools helps to ensure secure coding practices and keeps software safe from security risks, developers need more than a “just trust us” handshake from suppliers that are unlikely to share in risk management when something goes awry. Similarly, developers do not want to learn secure coding practices that are arguably not part of their core competencies. The situation requires additional due diligence on the part of the developer; hence the level of concern.

Report Highlights Four Leading Security Concerns

Perforce teamed up with our sister portal, Defence iQ, to survey more than 300 software development professionals within the aerospace and defense industry to uncover their biggest concerns. You can read more about this in the 2020 State of Aerospace & Defense Software Development Survey Results report revealing the modern trends that are driving development and how developers effectively management their projects.

This report also exposes what is causing the most stress to aerospace and defense software developers, and provides insights on what software development teams can do to innovate faster. Read the report to learn the four leading security concerns expressed by aerospace and defense developers.

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Survey Authors Host Industry Webinar

The authors are also hosting a webinar – Transitioning to a Modern DevOps Approach for Defense and Aerospace Software – where a panel of software development experts discusses how the answers received in the survey complement the Defense Industry Board’s (DIB) findings, and how choosing the right software development tools can help overcome some of the most prevalent challenges in aerospace and defense software development.

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