Cloud-Based Security Extends Protection To The Edge [Video]

A Short Video Clip For Our June Market Report

Enterprise data storage has steadily transferred to the cloud, thanks to the technology’s convenience and its unprecedented capability to house files. Like any facet of Information Security, though, cloud computing also comes with its share of risks. These risks require transparency and strict protocols.


As cyber-criminals grow increasingly aggressive in their efforts to lift protected data from the cloud, enterprise professionals must first be aware of its limitations and vulnerabilities.

View the clip below:

In this video, you'll explore some of the key takeaways of our Market Report on proactive cloud security. The report helps explain advances in cloud computing that may allow security practitioners to firmly seal up their networks.

Furthermore, "Cloud-Based Security Extends Protection To The Edge" adds context, discusses a readiness gap and underscores the importance of the team administering cloud controls.

Download the full Market Report to learn about the “exalted” cloud and ways it provides efficiencies for the enterprise.