Top 5 Articles Of Q2 Touch Cloud Adoption, AI & Insider Threats

Cyber Security Headlines That 'Stole The Show'

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Dan Gunderman

In the past three months, the cyber security space has seen more headlines on public breaches, it’s witnessed more talk on the embrace of automation, and it has even plunged further into cloud adoption – a surge that’s likely not to cease, so long as enterprises reap cost benefits and other efficiencies.

While some lighter or surface-level cyber security news headlines come and go, changing month over month, there are still disruptive and hard-hitting topics that resonate with practitioners, some of which we’ve already mentioned.

To be clear, however, cyber security is progressing, despite news of the skills shortage, or “siloed” security teams. The reality is that in mid-2018, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and the like are having substantive conversations with C-level executives, perhaps even the board. What’s more, the employee base also has its share of cyber exposure – as CISOs instill best practices and batten the hatches for a potential breach.

With that industry status in mind, let’s review five of the biggest stories from April – June 2018. Click on each headline to read the full story.

Industry Roundup: Addressing The Hybrid Cloud Security Readiness Gap
Over the last few months, some established cyber security brands have made strategic moves while emerging market leaders have announced compelling capabilities and initiatives.

Here’s What Security Teams Need To Know As Workloads Shift To The Cloud
IT practitioners and their organizations are facing tough cloud questions. Security of these platforms comes down to risk, configuration and the wider teams. Here, we expand upon those principles.

RSA Coverage Includes Automation, MSSP & The Onerous Threat Landscape
The 2018 RSA Conference, held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif., was packed with relatable security content/sessions, and its trade show floor was populated by some of the biggest names in cyber security, as well as emerging brands and other market leaders.

Encryption & Controls: Reducing Insider Threats In Healthcare
The visible and regulated healthcare industry remains a far-too-targeted space for cyber-attacks, and the "insider" threat continues to be an uphill climb for security teams.

The Cyber Security ‘Perimeter:’ Has It Simply Vanished?
The concept of the “perimeter” is something that has long intrigued security practitioners. But is that castle-and-moat strategy a thing of the past?