Cyber Security Challenges, Focuses 2019

Annual Outlook Survey Results

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Cyber attacks have grown in intensity and frequency in recent years. More enterprises have been tasked with strict defense over their networks. This comes as top-tier companies stave off unyielding cyber crooks who seek to make off which a huge cache.

As more enterprises dig deeper into cyber security – knowing their security framework and different vulnerabilities – the industry has further solidified itself as both indispensable and vital to day-to-day operations. So what’s coming to cyber security in 2019?

Cyber Security Hub’s fielded a survey in October 2018 to our audience. This report combines both quantitative and qualitative data for a look at our readers’ views on these pressing questions and more:

• What is the most dangerous threat vector?

• What is the one area of cyber security that needs to change the most in 2019?

• Will mobile devices pose a greater threat in 2019?

• Where will cyber dollars be allocated in the new year?

View the Cyber Security Mid-Year Snapshot 2019, an update on the challenges, focuses and spend in enterprise security half-way through the year. In addition, register for our webinar 6 Key Enterprise Cyber Security Trends And Predictions, where a panel of experts will discuss the finding of this mid-year check-in in detail on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.