Cyber Security Stats For Mid-Year 2019 Infographic

A visual snapshot of first half of the year in cyber security priorities

Cyber Security Stats For Mid-Year 2019 Infographic

Cyber Security Hub recently fielded an email survey to subscribers in May 2019 to benchmark what has happened so far in the first six months of the year. This mid-year checkpoint was a follow-up to the previously fielded survey that took place in November 2018.

The end result is the "2019 Cyber Security Mid-Year Snapshot," June Market Report. In this report, we compared the responses from both surveys to reveal what cyber security professionals thought they would focus on for the year, versus what really happened first half of 2019, when it comes to challenges, trends, priorities and budgets. Key findings include:

  • Overall sentiment remains positive, while threats continue to evolve
  • Cyber security budgets will continue to increase
  • Data privacy legislation, compliance becoming the norm for enterprises
  • Trends to watch in cloud security, talent, consolidation and frameworks
  • Security awareness continues as top priority for next six months

Here we highlight some of those key stats in a visual snapshot of the report:

Read the full report here: 2019 Cyber Security Mid-Year Snapshot

This report also has a corresponding webinar which examines the report findings in detail. Join us on Tuesday, August 13 at 2pm Eastern for the 6 Key Enterprise Cyber Security Trends And Predictions webinar.