The Case For Stronger Cyber Security Efforts In APAC

The region’s cyber risk increases with more digitalization and low security awareness

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In the first half of 2018, the Asia Pacific region accounted for 35.9% of the global number of cyber security events — the highest in the world according to the findings by Gemalto. The digital security company said that the region was subject to 27.2% of compromised records worldwide in the period. However, the actual figures could be much higher since most countries in Southeast Asia did not require a compulsory report of data breaches.

Even further, APAC’s cyber risk becomes more increased as digitalization is on the rise in combination with users who are unaware of threats including viruses, phishing or malware.

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Reuters explains, “Most of these users, the report found, are connecting to the Internet via their mobile phones – which are less likely to have anti-virus protection – with many likely to be downloading pirated software. This leads to their devices being unable to run updates and obtain the latest security measures. These factors all contribute to a digital environment full of vulnerabilities that sophisticated criminals are more than ready to exploit.”

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It is also expected that online users will increase by approximately 500 million by 2020 with the APAC region contributing to 60% of this growth. Other alarming statistics in the region include:

  • APAC organizations take 1.7 times longer than the global average to detect a breach.
  • 70% of enterprises in APAC lack a solid understanding of their cyber posture.
  • APAC investment in cyber security 47% lower than in North America.

Adding to the complexity, the Asia Pacific region is starting to experiment with new technology including 5G and drones, in order to keep up with the pace of user adoption. So what can enterprises do to make a case for stronger cyber security efforts in APAC?

In July, Cyber Security Hub will host a Digital Summit including a series of webinars, where attendees can join to discuss and ask live questions on topics such as:

Confronting An Inconvenient Truth: The APAC-Wide Cyber Security Talent Shortage: Determining how far enterprises can rely on AI technology, best practices for training and developing staff to face threats, uploading new training datasets to utilize machine learning and how to realistically resource the need to intensive and high-quality inputs.

Trending Critical Security Threats For APAC In 2019: CISO for Nissan Digital Tarun Kumar will moderate this virtual think tank to discuss patching strategies, strengthening common vulnerabilities of anti-phishing defenses, securing public DNS metadata related to cloud service providers, and detecting under the radar malware.

The Insecurity Of The Internet Of Things: Is Your Business IoT Safe? Exploring why the number of attacks will increase in APAC enterprises, mitigating the risk of attacks on your underlying cloud infrastructure, safeguarding access, and maintain cyber hygiene to stay competitive.

Also, included on the agenda are interactive discussions around mobile device threats, implementing AI into cyber security, third-party vendors, demystifying MSPs, and anticipating the risk of human error.

Secure your seat for the upcoming Cyber Security Digital Summit APAC, July 30 – 31, 2019.