Securing The Enterprise From Mobile Malware

Cyber Security Hub Report Focuses On Mobile Threat

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september market report

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In the cyber security space, malicious software, or "malware," is a top concern, as it cripples businesses, damages networks and stymies the enterprise professional. When left unrestrained, it acts against computer users' requirements and performs illicit functions like copying, spying and retrieving.

Although antivirus software and firewalls have been deployed for most companies, cyber-criminals have become relentless. Further, while mobile malware campaigns may be less frequent than traditional strikes on computers and laptops, their impact can be far greater. Various methods are being utilized by threat actors, including malicious apps and URLs. The threat of device hijacking and botnets is still quite real, too, and this report walks readers through the state of mobile security, specifically malware strains.

So, in this report, entitled "Securing The Enterprise From Mobile Malware," you'll learn:

  • Background on the surge of zero-day malware on mobile devices
  • Evidence debunking the myth that mobile devices are inherently secure
  • Best practices to keep the network secure, including a focus on well-vetted app stores

Download the full Market Report today for an essential guide to weak spots and emerging attack methods, and hear from security experts about the future of enterprise mobility.

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