5 Key Takeaways On Cyber AI from The CSHub Financial Services Summit

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Seth Adler

The Cyber Security Hub Financial Services Summit was held last week bringing together over 1400 registrants.

If you missed it, one key session highlighted Banking on Cyber AI: Neutralizing Threats Before Cyber-Attackers Strike Gold where Justin Fier spoke about the challenges that financial institutions face including insider threat, IP theft, data breaches, and compliance and regulation.

He also focused on the importance of AI-powered cyber defense in fighting back against the next generation of stealthier, more powerful cyber-attacks.

Justin Fier came up the US intelligence community working in counter terrorism and cyber operations. He’s got a printed copy of every single 2600 since it started. He’s got cyber security coursing through his veins.

To hear more from Justin, access his CSHub Financial Services Summit session now.

5 Takeways from the session:

  • How digital acceleration & global disruption shape today’s threat landscape
  • Security challenges for banking & finance- insider threat, IP theft, data breaches, and compliance and regulation
  • How advanced AI cyber defense protects digital estate in high-risk environments
  • How Cyber AI spotted and stopped a spoofed Chase fraud alert
  • Defensive AI wins against offensive AI

Watch this Digital Summit Session Now

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