Secure Cyber AI To Protect Your Dynamic Workforce

Eight real world case studies of thwarted threats

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Seth Adler

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Explore eight case studies of threats the Darktrace Cyber AI Platform identified in SaaS environments. In every case, the threatening activity evaded static defenses, but was contained and actioned well before it could escalate into a crisis.

Defending your newly dynamic organization

With the increased adoption of SaaS, security teams must now defend a complex patchwork of services with native security controls that are not only rules based and static, but also incompatible across different tools.

Read the whitepaper to:

  • Discover how stealthily hijacked accounts were thwarted by cyber AI
  • How subtle insider threats were detected a nascent stage
  • How cyber AI can autonomously investigate the full scope of SaaS-based security incidents

To protect today’s dynamic workforce, security teams require an ‘immune system’ approach to security that is not only adaptive, but also grounded in a unified and behavioral understanding of your entire workforce.

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