People Take Center Stage In Latest EMEA Security Threats

Cyber Attackers Shift Strategy Away From Enterprise Perimeter And Endpoints To Target Employees

The cyber security threat landscape in EMEA is shifting away from the enterprise perimeter and endpoints to target employees. The new anatomy of a hack includes social networks, news, and corporate websites. Hear how enterprises can protect personnel from these targeted attacks.

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In the first quarter of 2019, bad actors shifted their attack strategies beyond the enterprise perimeter and endpoints, and are now looking at the increasingly valuable individual. Employees with privileged access or those who handle sensitive data are especially interesting to hackers. What’s more, these adversaries now have access to social media feeds and public information that helps them to take their time and personalize each attack approach.

With the use of URLs in emails and Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams on the rise through more sophisticated phishing campaigns, cyber security awareness is critical to arming employees with the right information to better protect the enterprise. That is why, in an upcoming webinar, we will explore:

  • The shifts in the EMEA threat landscape.
  • The new anatomy of a hack – including use of social networks, news and corporate websites – compared to the old anatomy.
  • How enterprises can protect personnel from these targeted attacks.

While criminals are constantly evolving their threat tactics to break into the corporate supply chain, enterprises can tap into people-centric visibility to drive better protection.

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Ed Rowley
Senior Technical Engineer
Daniel Marley-Cook
Team Lead, Sales Engineer