How Does GDPR Impact Business Units? Hear From CSHub Dir. Dorene Rettas

In a world that is becoming fully digitized, with constant data movement and heightened vulnerability, it may be tough for organizations to gauge the measurable impact of cyber security. Luckily, through media coverage, use cases and other means, enterprise security has fallen into the spotlight, thus granting it heightened importance amongst the C-Suite and even the board.

But how can security practitioners – CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, Directors of Information Security and others – communicate effectively to the wider business? What technological and cultural methods can they employ to aid digital transformations and protect critical assets?

GDPR Impact on Business Units

On the latest episode of “B2B Revenue Executive Experience,” hosted by Chad Sanderson, Cyber Security Hub’s Director, Dorene Rettas, chats about the impact of critical data within the enterprise, as well as the breadth of new data privacy measures that will directly affect sales and marketing divisions (i.e., GDPR).

This podcast addresses the following questions, along with other insightful tidbits:

  • Skepticism and fear surrounding cyber: Is it warranted?
  • Have CISOs earned a seat at the table within their respective organizations?
  • Will sales and marketing endure GDPR unscathed? It’s buzzworthy but does it have teeth?

GDPR Impact on Business Units

Be sure to tune in to this episode! You can visit the show’s site at:

Find more coverage of the upcoming GDPR mandate on This includes a Market Report on the regulation’s components and how it has affected the global regulatory landscape. The site also features a short video on GDPR highlights.