Preparation & Response Chain: CISO Talks Enterprise Readiness

Dan Gunderman

Come May, leading IT security practitioners will be taking part in the Cyber Security Digital Summit – held online, making access simple and free (from the comfort of your desk).

The event will take place May 8-10, 2018, and will feature top cyber security professionals who have trending, cutting-edge content to share with an eager audience.

The three-day event will help IT security pros navigate the ever-widening threat landscape. We know – it’s difficult for team leaders in security, risk and the C-Suite to stay on top of industry updates and glean useful information that translates to safer controls and/or higher revenue. That’s where the Digital Summit comes in, as it is poised to help. It offers attendees thought-leading content and sessions on hot-button issues.


Because the threat ecosystem is incredibly complex, creating a hodgepodge of security variables, the Digital Summit will cut through the mess, helping practitioners explore topics that will benefit the business operations of their organization. It’ll feature cutting-edge sessions and in-depth panels.

Further, On-Demand sessions will allow for downloadable content following the event. Further, in real time, attendees will be able to submit questions and have them fielded by enterprise professionals.

CSIRP: Is Your Enterprise Ready?

On Tuesday, May 8 at 11 a.m. EST, Group CISO of Computacenter, Phil Lea, will be leading a session called “How Robust (And Rapid) Is Your Incident Response Plan?”

Speaking with the Cyber Security Hub, Lea said, “Security Incident Response is a challenge for any organization of any size, but when your business depends on the way you deliver services to customers, coordinated response is essential.”

He continued: “We need to understand quickly what is happening for our customers when they experience a security incident and we need to respond in the most appropriate way, at pace. Our customers rely on the systems that we manage to run their business and consequently expect us to be well-prepared.”

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Lea said managing security incidents requires preparation and “for every part of the response chain to be in place before an event takes place.”

The Group CISO added, “We’re transforming our capability to increase our overall maturity in security incident response, using some of the established practices our own site recovery processes drive.”

The Computacenter CISO said that it’s no longer “if” an incident occurs, but instead “when.”

“This applies to any organization,” he told the Cyber Security Hub. “So for us to formalize our CSIRP, we have to understand the roles and responsibilities of our stakeholders across the organization and build, test and rehearse our response processes and our communications.”

Lea pointed to years of forensic-readiness discussions in the U.K. government. He said “ensuring we have a formal response plan is the best way to begin to address readiness.”

Closing Thoughts

Prospective attendees to the Summit can also view a curated Resource Library, which contains Cyber Security Hub’s most popular content – from articles to long-form reports.

Wherever you are in the cyber security journey, the Digital Summit can help you develop a blueprint for resiliency. To register, visit It’s quick, easy and free! You can sign up for the entire week or selected sessions on one simple registration page.

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