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Critical Insights Regarding Your Organization’s Cyber Security Posture

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Security Assessment

Cyber-attacks are both increasingly common and complex. Unfortunately, it often takes a security event for organizations to discover whether or not they have the right protections in place. Following a breach, cyber security efforts get full support, but at the expense of damage done to the business and its reputation. The best time to check is now.

Alagen’s Snapshot Security Assessment does just that. It is a convenient first glance, providing critical insights regarding your organization’s cyber security posture. It’s free. It’s as simple as answering some targeted questions. And the results give your organization a high-level understanding of where it stands against three of the most prevalent cyber-attack vectors within your industry.

While a full security assessment provides a more comprehensive and detailed outlook, a Snapshot Security Assessment is a helpful and powerful first step. Armed with your report featuring Alagen’s expert analysis, you’ll not only better understand your posture, but be equipped with documentation to assist your company’s cyber security and risk-related discussions.

Prerequisite: The assessment is designed for U.S.-based organizations only.

To complete the assessment, click here to start and use promo code: cybersecurityhub