The Intersection Of Crises & Regulation Meets In Cyber Security

5 Key Takeaways From The Capsule8 Financial Services Summit Session

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Seth Adler

Cynthia Burke actually did her Master's Thesis on the affect of the US Interstate Commerce Act of 1887. Her conclusion is that leglisation happens when there is a perception that business 'gets it wrong.' She draws parallels from then to now, the current global infrastructure of privacy laws and the overall affect on cyber security.

Sweeping regulation tends to occur in the wake of crises - as the world navigates tremendous financial, political and social upheaval how might this impact ‘business as usual’ when it comes to security and compliance? Schrems II and the invalidation of the EU-US Data Privacy Shield in July of 2020, accelerated migrations to the cloud with a heavily distributed workforce now working on heavily distributed systems, record-setting compliance related fines from a broad cross section of industries - these are all indicators in terms of where we may need to focus attention specifically in regards to security and compliance in the years to come.
This session looks at useful areas of focus for those working in security and compliance even amid so many unknown unknowns. Dive in on the increasing importance of data privacy programs, and how those programs intersect directly with your security and operation teams.

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5 Key Takeaways

  1. Realizing the unsustainable impact of dollars and days affected by data breaches
  2. An unpacking of the lack of comprehensive Federal Law which governs privacy and the distinction between the two largest state privacy laws on the books
  3. Lessons learned from the Shrems II finding 
  4. 4 actionable steps you can take now to improve your privacy posture despite myriad unknowns
  5. Include privacy program management as a part of your larger security, compliance and governance retooling

See the session on demand now.

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