Securing Collaboration Tools

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Seth Adler

Collaboration needs to be secure. The recent Cyber Security Hub webinar, Why Collaborative Enterprises Need A Better Way To Manage Risk, highlighted few key takeways: 

  • Achieving a more security forward stance by moving from a DLP mindset to a Data Risk Management mindset
  • Overcoming the new challenge of cloud + collaboration tech creating a pervasive data exposure thus insider risk
  • Limiting the culture gap between the CISO and other C-Suite executives
  • Extinguishing the user data entitlement issue
  • Realizing remediation measures to take to thwart insider risk

The conversation continues on the Task Force 7 podcast.

Episode Overview:

When enterprises move from a no-cloud to a cloud-first model, they quickly experience security problems with externally sharing files and collaborating with clients, partners, and other third parties. Since nearly everyone has adopted cloud-based collaboration and sharing tools in some form like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint Online, securing these tools and extending them to support external collaboration efforts has become a top-of-mind issue. Listen to the Founder and CEO of E-Share Nicholas Stamos and the Director of Core Security Architecture for Humana, Mitchell Greenfield explain how you can secure your data in your transition to cloud based collaboration tools.

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