An Evolution In Endpoint Security

New focus and budget are being paid to endpoint security

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Seth Adler

It's Thursday, so the cyber security landscape has forever changed again. It changes on a daily basis. Yesterday's network vulnerabilities are today's strengths. Tomorrows threat vectors will eventually be defended. And so it goes.

But the cyber security landscape really has had step-change. The global pandemic brought us to the Future of Work in less than 12 parsecs. Strategy plans that were laid out to execute in two years were executed in two weeks. Attacks evolved as the network perimeter seamingly endlessly expanded. And the CISO abided and has kept the enterprise safe.

We recently posted that endpoint security and access management are having a dovetail moment

There are many takeaways to glean from the Cyber Security Hub Mid-Year Report. One of particular interest is what is happening to endpoint security investment.

What must be an absolute result of the workforce shift- endpoint security went from the fifth highest to the second highest spend in the past six months.

The cyber security universe is aligning to focus endpoint security.