Identify And Remediate The Highest Risk Vulnerabilities

Without visibility and knowledge, highest risk remediation is impossible

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Seth Adler

The primary challenge for all vulnerability management programs is remediating the large volumes of critical severity vulnerabilities. The goal is divining a metric which can significantly reduce the number of vulnerabilities that need to be treated as incidents.

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The Problem

Hybrid networks are now composed of traditional IT, cloud and OT technologies. Gaining visibility over that network to ensure cogent threat intelligence is an elusive practice. Ensuring the enterprise is aware of the highest risk vulnerabilities difficult. Without that visibility and knowledge, highest risk remediation is impossible.

Solving The Problem

The demonstration shows how a network model can be used as a threat analytics engine, where network path analysis combined with threat source modelling identifies exposed assets and vulnerabilities to be prioritised based on risk.

Skybox calls this the exposure metric, and the demonstration will show how using exposure, along with CVSS, exploitability and asset importance, vulnerabilities can be assessed based on risk.

This Demo Shares How To:

  • Gain exposure and risk-based vulnerability management
  • Use attack path analysis to manage vulnerabilities in a hybrid network 
  • Easily identify and prioritise internet facing assets for remediation
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