How To Preemptively Track Phishing Campaigns

Engaging A Proactive Stance

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Seth Adler

Understanding vulnerabilities and the threat matrix to your enterprise was always an effective way to ensure cogent cyber defense of your organization. Reacting to phishing attacks in real-time became table stakes. But playing defense with a reactive posture is no longer good enough. As discussed in Cyber Security Tactic & Strategy, top cyber security executives are now facing the future with a proactive stance.

Episode Overview

Being able to prevent phishing attacks is getting harder and with email still as the preferred method of social engineering there is no end in sight. The Chief Security Officer and Co-Founder of Area 1 Security, Mr. Blake Darché appears on Episode #145 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about how to preemptively track phishing campaigns while they are being built. He discusses his perspective on what is lacking in cloud email suites, secure email gateways, and user awareness programs. Darché also sheds some light on how the work from home trend related to Covid-19 has been impacted by phishing, how a company can still protect themselves if a supply chain partner gets phished, and some of the work he is doing with politicians in advance of the election. 

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