The State of Information Security Awareness

Organizations of all sizes face serious challenges with online payment card security. Technical environments frequently change, best practices continually evolve, and industry standards are regularly updated - all while hackers and other criminals diligently develop new ways to cause trouble.

Security awareness training programs have become a much higher, more accelerated priority for risk-sensitive employers, due in large part to the efforts of the PCI Security Standards Council and other global agencies that promote employee awareness to mitigate data security risk.

To better understand the extent that organizations are educating employees about information security standards, Security Innovation commissioned a research study from Ponemon Institute, a leading independent research firm specializing in privacy, data protection and information security. Discover the findings, today.

In the paper, entitled "The State of Information Security Awareness: Trends & Developments," you'll learn:

  • Training program goals and development
  • Measuring results of your program
  • Various training plans

Better understand the trends and developments in security awareness programs by downloading this report.