Close The Password Security Gap: Convenience For Asia-Pacific Employees And Control For IT

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Organizations in Asia-Pacific have a problem with passwords but simply aren’t doing enough to tackle the issue. Rather than deploying technologies to help enforce password strength or help ensure passwords are regularly updated, many organizations are leaving this vital task up to the employees themselves – despite common acceptance that when it comes to IT security, the human element is often the weakest link.

Ovum surveyed IT executives with security responsibility across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific to gain a better understanding of password management setups. The survey allowed Ovum to glean information on how organizations handle employee access in both cloud-based and on-premises applications. Employees were also interviewed to assess how their passwords are managed and enforced. The following results have a special focus on Asia-Pacific findings.

In the report, entitled, “Close The Password Security Gap: Convenience For Asia-Pacific Employees And Control For IT,” you’ll learn:

  • How passwords can impact productivity
  • How cloud app controls affect password management
  • About manual password control policies
  • The risks of password sharing
  • As well as the importance of management tools

So, see where APAC organizations stand when it comes to password security. Download this report to discover vital statistics on access controls and ways in which management tools could streamline business functions.