Anatomy Of A Privileged Account Hack

Cyber security affects more than 3.6 billion Internet users worldwide, including 6 billion email accounts, 2 billion smartphones, 1 billion Apple users, 1 billion Gmail accounts and almost 2 billion Facebook accounts. These connections represent opportunities that hackers can exploit for financial gain or to steal sensitive or proprietary information.

Public reports describe more than 500 data breaches occurring in 2016, exposing 3 billion information records. Up to 80% of these breaches involve password or identity compromise. Attackers can bypass perimeter security barriers and with access to privileged accounts, they can easily tap into critical assets. With IT teams vulnerable to account exploitation, this report covers the intricacies of a privileged account hack.

In this report, entitled “Anatomy Of A Privileged Account Hack,” you’ll learn:

  • How outside attackers or malicious insiders can exploit vulnerabilities
  • How a privileged account is defined, and its associated risks
  • How hackers maintain access to systems post-incident
  • “Real-life” stories of privileged account hacks & mitigation methods

So, discover why privileged access management (PAM) now occupies a huge portion of your perimeter defense. Download this report to both define a privileged account hack and learn ways to eliminate vulnerabilities and obvious risks.