Managing Security In the Ever-Changing Remote Workplace

Impact on increased collaboration tool adoption and shadow IT

This webinar will take place on:
June 03, 2020
02:00 PM - 02:00 PM EST

In the immediate shift to remote work during the impact of COVID-19, many organizations adopted modern technologies like video conferencing systems, shared drives, or an improved VPN infrastructure so their employees could stay productive.

With this adoption, the lines are increasingly blurred between what technology is acceptable for use with business data and what is not, and shadow IT continues to emerge as a security risk. As the workforce starts to transition back to working in the office (and some will stay remote!), they will continue to use these modern technologies on a daily basis - it’s not an option for security teams to block them anymore.

Join us to learn how you can start to manage them in our ever-changing work environment:

  • Why COVID-19 has shifted us into a “next-normal” way of work centered around collaboration
  • Why shadow IT has become a larger security risk, and where it is happening across organizations
  • How security teams can ensure their collaboration tools are secured without blocking
  • Tips for managing these modern technologies if resources are low


Clea Ostendorf
Sr. Security Relationship Manager

Clea Ostendorf, CISSP, has been in the IT space for the last 8 years where she’s held roles as an IT Recruiter, Sales and Development Manager, Security Consultant and Relationship Manager. She helped influence the user experience of a Secure Code Training Platform and worked in the Application Security space until most recently taking on the role of developing Insider Threat Programs for Code42 customers. Clea believes in always learning and finding ways to approach problems from the human element.

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