AI For Cyber Security, GDPR Compliance Top March News

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Dan Gunderman

The month of March was another exciting one in the world of cyber security.

Global conversation appeared to coalesce even further around the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that multinational organizations handling EU citizen data will be subject to the mandate – and it is directly binding.


What’s more, outside the realm of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), cyber security practitioners appear to have chiseled away at the “artificial intelligence (AI) in cyber debate.” What benefits does AI have for the enterprise? Is AI in security more advanced than chat-bots that can handle rather pedestrian duties?

The Cyber Security Hub also hosted an informative Q&A regarding the expansion of cloud computing and its place in the enterprise. Additional coverage included analysis of boardroom activity in the cyber realm, as well as weekly “Task Force 7 Radio” recaps which featured everything from FBI cyber “stings” to the market trajectory for cryptocurrency.

Of course, March, like most months, was also filled with cyber-attacks. The Cyber Security Hub’s “Incident of the Week” column captured much of this chaos. March saw morphing malware strains, historic DDoS attacks and a potential mega-breach at a travel fare aggregator.

What follows is an in-depth look at the month of March and the cyber security headlines that stole the show. Click on each headline to read the full story.

Cyber Security & AI: Intersecting Needs With Innovation
Download the full Market Report to learn more about the state of AI in enterprise security, it's advancements and even its current drawbacks. You'll gain insight from end-users and analysts, as well.

Reducing Risk, Creating Compliance With GDPR
The March Market Report covers the sweeping GDPR regulation and, generally, the state of compliance. Rollout for the EU mandate is now just weeks away. Is your enterprise equipped to handle it? Hear from cyber experts and end-users.

Cloud Is The 'Biggest Cyber Revolution Of Our Age’: Tufin CEO Ruvi Kitov
Part of the “digital transformation” is migration to the cloud, which poses unique challenges. To get his take on this, as well as the state of cyber security, we spoke with Tufin CEO Ruvi Kitov.

The Boardroom Needs To Take Cyber Seriously
On Feb. 21, the SEC released updated guidance on breach disclosure policies for traded companies. It furthers the argument of wider cyber cooperation amongst the entire C-Suite and boardroom.

Inside The Life Of Former FBI Agent’s International Cyber Security Stings
Former FBI agent and Founder of ECK Cyber Consulting, E.J. Hilbert, was featured on the March 12 episode of “Task Force 7 Radio." Topics of discussion included being a “technologist,” pros and cons of cyber certifications and a look at international cyber-ring takedowns.

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