The Current State Of Mobile Malware

Malware is one of the hottest topics in enterprise mobile security, and yet, many still fail to fully comprehend the risk. The number of threats and breaches coming by way of mobile malware continues to escalate and cause chaos in the company setting.

Businesses have every reason to be concerned, but a large portion of this fear comes from a lack of knowledge surrounding malware. Most companies don’t truly understand what it is, or how exactly it can infiltrate and attack their devices and ultimately, their data.

In this report, titled “The Current State of Mobile Malware,” you’ll uncover:

  • What mobile malware is and what are the different types including real examples
  • Mobile malware on Android vs. iOS
  • How to protect your mobile fleet

Download the report to find out what are the most common malware infection vectors, how they’re plaguing the mobile enterprise, and how to overcome those challenges.