Bitdefender, WatchGuard Join Forces On Malware Defense

Dan Gunderman

As malware continues to attack and break through network security protocols, solution providers are teaming up to stop the threats in their tracks – and save enterprises from breaches.

Cyber security and anti-virus provider Bitdefender announced a licensing agreement with WatchGuard Technologies, Inc., for some of its anti-malware technologies.

The Romanian-headquartered Bitdefender boasts 500 million users worldwide. The recently announced integration allows WatchGuard, a Seattle, Wash.-based network security solutions company, to provide its small and midsize (SMB) enterprise customers with enforced anti-malware protection.

The agreement provides an enhanced solution for enterprise customers. WatchGuard products receive "purpose-built" defense from Bitdefender to fend off malware "at the gateway," according to a statement.

The protection will ward off advanced and unknown threats – such as viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware, all in real time.

The WatchGuard products with Bitdefender-enabled technology will help protect enterprises of all sizes. WatchGuard helps shore up network defense for some 80,000 customers globally.

Bitdefender’s Vice President – Technology, Licensing and Service Providers, Jose Lopez, said that Bitdefender-enabled WatchGuard devices will “help safeguard” SMB customers. Lopez called this safeguard “easy to deploy and manage.”

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Further, WatchGuard's Technology Alliance Product Manager, Bob Oster, said, “The implementation of Bitdefender’s technology in our appliances strengthens our value to customers with a solution that keeps them one step ahead of advanced threats."

WatchGuard’s comprehensive approach to network security – via Wi-Fi and network intelligence products – targets a vast range of businesses including distributed enterprises and SMBs.

Alternately, Bitdefender’s vast scope provides service for users in 150 countries and focuses in hybrid infrastructure security and endpoint protection. Its aforementioned breadth is bolstered by research and development, alliances and partnerships.

Earlier this month, Bitdefender also signed a distribution agreement for Canada with Quebec-based cloud provider IT Cloud Solutions (formerly

What's more, news of the bolstered defense comes as the "BadRabbit" malware attack has infected some 200 targets in Russia, Ukraine and Europe. These victims include a Ukranian international airport and Russian media outlets.

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