Member Spotlight: Erik Devine, CISO, Riverside Healthcare

'Fast Facts' About The Active Security Pro

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Erik Devine has over two decades of experience, excelling in finding new innovations and solutions within Information Technology and Security. He's spent 15 years as an IT and security leader. Devine's current focus is in cultivating an information security culture in healthcare while balancing the clinical and research workflows to help improve patient outcomes and new medical innovation.

This "featured member" is also passionate about developing security frameworks and defensive technologies, and spreading security awareness throughout the enterprise and community.

The CISO took time to answer a few questions for the Cyber Security Hub's first installment of the Member Spotlight.

1)What's the coolest thing you are working on right now?

Medical Device Management, Identity and Protection. We are starting to understand patterns and vulnerabilities in the medical device arena. Sometimes vendors and manufacturers cannot fix security issues immediately, so we are trying to take a step ahead and protect the devices before the vulnerability is recognized. I'm concerned that ransomware will have a whole new meaning in the future if a hacker can take over your pacemaker.

2)What is the greatest technology invented in the last 10 years, and why?

The App Store as it's known today. The App Store has given smartphones existence. The applications are quick and mobile for developers to get their content to the masses. Now with applications that can help with consumer and business, it really has expanded the technology platform for mobile and at desk workflows.

3)What are you currently watching on Netflix?

"The Office," so I can make notes on how not to run my office.

4) What's the most 'useless' fact you know?

The dot above the letter I or J is called a tittle.

5) What is your favorite way to spend free time?

Definitely with the family, practicing classical piano is a close second. Nothing can replace having fun with the ones who love you.