Risk Management At The Forefront Of Tech Enterprises

Virgin Mobile UAE Technical Director examines role of cyber security in a changing landscape

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Dan Heywood is the Technical Director for Virgin Mobile UAE with 20 years experience in Telecoms. He has been in roles with both solutions and services providers, as well as operators implementing a range of customer experiences — from traditional to old school prepaid telephony to today’s digital offerings via mobile apps and websites.

Heywood looks at risk management as an integral part of his role within Virgin Mobile UAE, as they look to make the transition from “old school telco to an all-digital offering. We are working in an agile environment adding new features and making changes to our systems on a regular, usually fortnightly, basis at the same time while new technologies such as 5G are being introduced.”

As such, he notes that it is vital that “we ensure all developments follow best practices and that we conduct regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to ensure we have not exposed any exploitable holes in our systems or processes.”

The Evolving Cyber Security Threat Landscape

As companies like Virgin Mobile UAE become more digital, hackers are also becoming more sophisticated. This is forcing enterprises to continue to grow and change in their cyber security strategies. That is why Heywood is joining a panel of experts during the Cyber Security Digital Summit — to start the conversation for enterprises to re-examine their risk frameworks.

“I want to share my experiences and also to learn from others cyber security professionals at the Summit,” says Heywood. “Cyber security is at the forefront of all technology companies and so it’s vital to ensure we are all aware of the latest developments and practices.”

Now more than ever cyber security professionals are being asked to get involved in risk management, building and delivering a risk-based portfolio strategy (including prevention, response, mitigation, insurance and measurement) and determining how cyber security plays into each risk.

Heywood will join the session moderator Harry Perper, Cyber Security Engineer, NCCoE/NIST; Steve Lavergne, Principal Security Consultant, Bank of Canada; and Dennis Leber, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, State of Kentucky. Heywood hopes attendees of the session will learn:

  1. The importance of risk management for all in the organization — from CISO/CEO to Junior Developer and Customer Care.
  2. How to increase awareness of events and incidents within our systems in order to bridge the gap between threat intelligence and risk management.
  3. With rapidly evolving technologies, what new risks need to be incorporated into the risk framework.

About The Cyber Security Digital Summit

Uniting cyber security professionals and thought leaders from across the world online for two days of free sessions, the Digital Summit delivers practical business tips, top challenges and solutions as they relate to enterprise security.

High-tech artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics and autonomous solutions mean that our arsenal is full when facing new threats. However innovative tools that can be used to prevent attacks can similarly be used by criminals against the enterprise, meaning that understanding and harnessing cutting-edge technology is vital to surviving.

Cyber Security Hub has united experts from every aspect of this space to present their most compelling case studies and real-world advice on subjects ranging from artificial intelligence, incident response, secure enterprise mobility, phishing, behavioral analytics, identity & access management and more. By the end of the event, you will have been provided with the tools you need to build a “360 plan” for your enterprise.

Join us over two days in May to learn from world-class cyber-security experts and share best practices with peers to help build a more robust cyber-security network without leaving your desk:

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