You Are The Weakest Link

Tom Finan on human imperfection and cyber security culture

Seth Adler

A craftsman never blames their tools. It is not the systems  that ultimately fail cyber security professionals- it's the people. Insider threats do abound but more often than malfeasance being a driver, misfeasance is the key to a breach. It wasn't the firewall that failed Capital One, it was a misconfiguration. Tom Finan dives in on culure vs. strategy quoting both Peter Drucker and...Barbara Streisand.  

Episode Overview

Covid 19 has changed 2020 in unprecedented ways in how we work, live our lives, and measure Cyber Risk. Listen to Episode #141 of Task Force 7 Radio as the Cyber Growth Leader from Willis Towers Watson, Tom Finan and Co-Host Andy Bonillo dive into how the "Cyber Security Superheroes" are working together to manage the human element during the pandemic. As claims data shows, effective Cyber Risk prevention and mitigation is largely a people problem. In response, companies need to assess and analyze the elements of their cultures that shape both positive and negative cyber attitudes and behaviors that makes the human element one of the largest risks to a company.

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