Why Are So Many Former 8200 Members Successful Entrepreneurs?

Episode 146 of Task Force 7

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Seth Adler

As we discussed in The New CISO Journey Includes Tried & True Old Steps, the traditional CISO journey has evolved. While the journey's initial steps first began in Computer Science of the military, we now see CISOs with myriad backrounds at the top of the cyber security depth chart. 

That said, in that same piece- we focus on the importance of having experience with cyber technology to performing well in the top cyber job. While we've been continuing to discuss a proactive posture, having defense in the blood is absolutely necessary at any level of cyber security.

Episode Description

Former 8200 Member and Co-Founder of Orca Security, Avi Shua joins Host George Rettas for Episode #146 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about his experiences as an 8200 Member of the Israeli Defense Force, what he learned that has helped him become a successful entrepreneur, why soft skills are important in the military, and how he is able to apply learnings from a government agency in the innovative space of Cyber Security start-ups. Avi explains who the the Silicon Valley CISO Investment group is and what they are about, what he learned from the most recent round of funding for his company Orca Security, and how to mitigate lateral movement risk in cloud environments.

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