Under Pressure To Prove You Are Secure

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Seth Adler

The Cyber Security Hub has a piece coming up shortly which focuses on lessons learned from this election cycle. One contributer put a cycle takeaway succinctly, "you need to get that confidence built in your customer, that what you're offering is safe and secure.” Whether your customer is the Board, the CEO, Business leaders in your organization, 3rd Party suppliers or the end customer- it's upon CISOs to not only know but prove that the enterprise is secure.

Episode Overview:

Companies are under a growing amount of pressure to prove they are secure and the number of entities applying that pressure is increasing. Principal, Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Management Solutions at Grobstein Teeple, LLP Erik Rasmussen joins co-host Andy Bonillo on Episode #161 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about what he is seeing from companies in response to this pressure. Erik also talks about his career journey and how his time as a lawyer and a Secret Service Agent set the stage for his private sector career. Erik also unpacks some of the largest law enforcement cases he worked and how those experiences as an Agent prepared him for a career as as consultant.

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