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CSHub APAC Summit sessions

Seth Adler

Zero Trust, Cyber AI, DevSecOps, Cloud Security & CASB, Threat Intelligence, GRC and evolving CISO role were topics of enlightenment at the CSHub APAC Summit. 

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If Q1 2020 was an immediate introduction to the 2020's, Q2 2020 showcased the deliberate pace of cyber security's recent past did perfectly prepare CISO's for not only where we are- but where we're going.

Zero Trust

The trust no one, trust nothing, always verify concept has met our current reality with aplomb. Although converstation has been had around the concept for more than a decade- Q2 2020 saw zero trust as the perfect mindset for this momet in time.

APAC Sessions include:

Sami Laine, Director of Technology Strategy, Okta 
Alex Mosher, Global VP Solutions, MobileIron

Cloud Security & CASB

The perimeter is either infinite or dead. Either way, cloud migration is no longer happening- it happened. 

APAC Sessions Include:

Tony Low, EXCO, The Association of Information Security Professionals (AISP)
Jonathan Andresen, Senior Director Marketing, Bitglass

Cyber AI

Some argue, the only way to beat automated attacks powered by AI is to have AI working for you.

APAC Sessions Include:

Eugene Low, Regional Director for Southeast Asia and South Asia, Darktrace
Steve Ferhad, CTO, Holman Webb Lawyers
Matt Rose, Global Director of Strategy, Checkmarx
Harald F. Battran, Director - Cloud Trust, PwC Singapore

Threat Intelligence

The reactive vs. proactive debate was fielded on the Cyber Security Hub with the winner being both- of course. But folks are certainly moving to ensure a proactive posture. 
APAC Session Includes:
Vladamir Yordanov, Sr. Dir. Solution Engineering, APAC, Gigamon


The way business operates has been upended. Risks to the enterprise are completely different than before. The regulatory landscape is quickly evolving for cyber security around the world.  

APAC Session Includes:

Blair Hasforth, Account Executive, OneTrust

The CISO Role

The Department of No is now The Department of Know. It's being argued that culture building, business enablement and executive collaboration are just as important as cyber defense wizardry.

APAC Sessions Include:

Nick Savvides, Strategic Business Director, APAC, Forcepoint
Parag Deodhar, Director - Information Security, Asia Pacific, VF Corporation
Dovid Clarke, CISO, Head of Cyber Security & Risk, MMG Limited
Jay Spreitzer, Long-Time Cyber Security Expert & Practitioner
Jeff Campbell, CISO, Horizon Power