Olympian, Navy Seal and Silicon Valley Investor Lessons Learned

Two-time medalist, Navy Seal and SV Investor joins the show

Seth Adler

2004 Olympic Participant & 2008 Bronze Medalist Larsen Jensen took lessons learned from the pool and brought them to being a Navy Seal. He amplified those lessons and brought them to venture capital in Silicon Valley. Honor, courage and commitment were the soft skills provided to him from the military. But the culture creates the understanding that "you're not supposed to even acknowledge what you do." 

Community Collective Intellligence

Cyber security executives of course grapple with this very issue due to the sensitive nature of what would be shared. But more and more, the community is trying to conceive of ways to collaborate to ensure that collective intelligence outpaces that of cyber criminals. 

Episode Overview:

Life is filled with opportunities that if recognized can be life changing. Larsen Jensen not only recognized his opportunities, but earned them, and took advantage of them. Listen to Episode #140 of Task Force 7 Radio as we dive into how Larsen Jensen went from 2-time Olympic Medalist to the battlefield as a US Navy Seal to an Entrepreneur and Cybersecurity investor. Larsen shares his amazing life lessons that are transferable to everyone's life. Tune in and listen to advice on how to transition from the military to the private sector, what investors are looking for, and how life as an Olympian shapes you.

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