Mobile Threat Landscape Exploding: Security In Motion

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Seth Adler

The evolution of global corporate enteprise has taken a decided leap in the year 2020. The on prem perimeter is simply a thing of the past. Vast swaths of data are accessed by distributed workforces from new endpoints to the enterprise. 

And so, global corporates are newly exposed on this mobile threat landscape. Security In Motion, presented by Cyber Security Hub and partner Lookout- examines the threat landscape and the explosion of mobile threats.

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In his Zero Trust session with NFL, CISO, Tomas Maldanado, Ramy Houssani, Chief Cyber & Technology Risk Officer & Group Privacy Officer, BNP Paribas put it rather succinctly, "Mobile threats are quite frankly exploding. We see from the Verizon Mobile Security Index report that there are about 5% of Android devices that contain malware. That's actually pretty bad. It means that we really have a set of devices that could be weaponized against an organization and could create data breaches, could create ransomware propagation across the network. So most of these trends, they really rely on the fact that there is a consumerization of enterprise IT, which will continue and would only amplify in magnitude and scale."

Addtional Highlights Include:

  • In the session How Hackers Use Mobile Devices as Bait, executives examine the evolving enterprise threats presented to the organization through the expansion of personal device use.
  • The Security vs. Privacy session outlines how to ensure your organization does not choose between the two initiatives, but that each initiative benefits each other.
  • Eugene Oksman, VP & GM Salesforce Mobile Publsiher & Mobile Security breaks down brand new mobile security means in the Securing Your Mobile Apps session.
  • Jim Routh, CISO, MassMutual notes "software development in a cloud-first environment, in a DevSecOps pipeline model, it's different, it's fundamentally different." in his Fireside Chat.
  • Google's Sriram Karra and Verizon's Jim Floyd discuss how to provide continuous protection for your corporate data as it is accessed by remote apps on personal devices

These are just a few of the highlights from the many sessions at Security in Motion. It's a new cyber security world with new rules and new threats. Gain intelligence from your peers by joining us. 

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