Discovering A Brief History Of Cyber Security & Our Latest Inflection Point

Lifelong cyber security practitioner, Jay Spreitzer joins CSHub APAC Summit

Seth Adler

Jay Spreitzer has been in the cyber security industry since it's infancy. He understands how, not only the industry itself, but- like him- most initial industry talent came from the military.

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He brings us back to the Target breach changing everything as did DDoS attacks in the Financial Services industry. He provides his thoughts on these initial tent-pole events as well as the steady and systematic rise of malware and automated attacks.

Finally Jay shares how our collective move to remote work has provided an inflection point from which we'll still be learning from into the future.

  • An industry and initial group of executives born in the Military
  • The Target breach which changed everything
  • DDoS attacks in Financial Services
  • The steady and systemic rise of Malware
  • A realization of the shortage of personnel vs. increase in automated attacks
  • The iterative remote worker evolution and eventual remote worker revolution