Cyber Security Resilience

TF7 Ep. 165

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Seth Adler

Resilience was the word of the year in 2020 for global corporate enterprise. As business continuity plans (BCP) went into practice at the end of Q1, every member of every global organization immediately became aware of the importance of enterprise resilience.

The Cyber Security Hub community has chimed in on the fact that BCP and Security Resiliency Planning is not simply an initiative for one moment in time, it's a living breathing resource that must be continually refined. The community's New Year's Resolutions supported that thought.

Drew Morefiled shared with the Task Force 7 crew what he things Security Resilience Programs look like moving forward.

Episode Overview:

Drew Morefield, Vice President of the Cyber Center of Excellence for Capgemini joins co-host Andy Bonillo of Task Force 7 Radio to give his perspective on what Cyber Security Resilience Programs will look like moving into 2021. Morefield also talked about being named one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity IT Executives of 2020 and how the importance of being a part of good team is paramount to your success. We wrap up the last segment of the show by discussing how the pandemic and limitations for in person interaction has transformed the way teams collaborate in the workplace. 

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