Engaging In A Paradigm Shift On The Definition Of Secure [WATCH On Demand]

Jeff Campbell, CISO, Horizon Power

Seth Adler

Cyber Security Hub hosted myriad sessions on the current state of cyber security during APAC hours July 14-15 right hear on CSHub.com. Industry thought leaders came together to discuss the musts and the nice to have for your cyber security strategy and tactics moving forward.
Horizon Power CISO Jeff Campbell isn't satisfied with the fact that the migration to our current reality went smoothly. As that reality evolves, his focus remains steadfast on what matters most- a secure enterprise. Lessons have been learned in dynamic shifting of resources. As we move from cloud migration to cloud evolution, Jeff has everyone in the organization focused on a constantly forward thinking cyber security mindset.
  • Enabling a zero trust model
    • A must with a decentralized workforce
  • Engaging in step-change thinking for BYOD/CYOD mentality
  • Moving on from cloud migration to cloud evolution
  • Truly honing in on critical assets and rich data sources
  • Divining your next cyber security mindset- test, iterate, find a fit

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